Keeping Your Pipes Warm  
Metro Plumbing and Drains is prioritized to keep your homes plumbing safe. In this post we will teach you simple tips and tricks to keep you homes pipes from bursting in the middle of Christmas season. The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing knows those pipe bursts can be a hassle. So we highly insist that you follow the instructions bellow to keep your home safe and dry.
- A valve
Most home owners believe that pipe bursts occur when water freezes inside the plumbing systems and does not allow water to pass. However, our professional plumbers can reassure you that pipes burst because of the pressure that grows when the pipe is blocked with a solid object. So if you call one of our plumbers they would be happy to insert a valve for you to let the pressure out and avoid the problem.
- Insulate Pipes
The group of professional plumbers working at Metro Plumbing and Drains are warning you that keeping you pipes bare will lead to instant freezing on a good Canadian snow fall. Insulating these pipes is easy and is a job that can be done on your own. However we recommend that you hire a professional plumber who will get the job done in no time at all.
- Leave a drip
Many house owners who have a desire to save money might not agree on this tip. However, all our plumbers here at Metro Plumbing consider that leaving the water to drip a bit is a good idea. The reason behind this is that an open tap lets out air pressure which in return keeps the pipes from bursting.
- Plug the gaps
It is not uncommon to have wires and electric boxes running through pipes. This makes the pipes more vulnerable to ice and pressure. Make sure that your homes plumbing is safe, fill the gaps with insulation foam.


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