Save Your Plumbing and Your Money 
Metro Plumbing and Drains wants you to keep your money safe in your pocket. So our team of professional plumbers came up with many different tips on how to avoid simple clogged drains. Metro Plumbing and Drains strongly insists that you follow the instructions below to keep both your home and money safe.

Shower and Bathroom Sink Drains
The main enemy of your shower drain is hair and soup. Both these materials can get into the drain and stay there causing a clog. To avoid this happening install a strainer and clean it after every shower you take. However if you do notice that your drain is clogged don’t go out and buy drain cleaner because it will make a bad problem worse. We suggest that you call one of our Metro Plumbing plumbers who will get the job done quickly and affordably.

Toilet Drains
The main reason for toilet clogs is the presents of foreign objects in the toilet. These include paper towel, cotton balls, paper, fabric and other items that are believed to be flushable. If an overflow occurs, shut off the water and call Metro Plumbing and Drains. From there our plumbers will do the rest.

Kitchen Sinks
The most common reason for the clogging of the kitchen sink is cooking oil and food parts that end up in the drain. To prevent food particles and jewelry from falling down the drain get a strainer. When it comes to cooking oil you should put it in a separate bag and throw it out. The kitchen drain can be the biggest plumbing issue so we strongly suggest that you call Metro Plumbing and Drains before it’s too late.


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