Issues with Your Sump Pump 
The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing and Drains cares that your homes plumbing systems are always running correctly and are doing their assigned tasks. This post will be dedicated to the Sump Pump System. The objective of this system is to pump all the drain, rain and soil water out of your homes basement. The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing and Drains has noticed that many customers in Toronto that resident in old homes do not know what a Sump Pump is. This poses a hazard if the Sump Pump turns off and a home owner does not know what or where the problem is. As a result they will end up with a flooded basement and a big repair bill. However if you check your Sump Pump at least once a month to see if it’s working you are safe from an expensive flood.
If your sump pump is starting and stopping over and over again, it is most likely due to a few problems:

- The pressure switch may need to be replaced
- The expansion tank may have no air inside
- There may be a blockage of the opening of the impeller pump

If you notice any of the previously mentioned problems you should immediately call a plumber who will inspect the sump pump and save your basement and your money.

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