Our Help Before You Need It. 
Our happy Metro Plumbing family is always willing to lend a helping hand with tips and suggestions on many different plumbing related topics. In this post we will give easy to follow tips on how keep the plumbing in your kitchen drain running smoothly.
- Dispose of liquid grease in the trash. If consistently poured down the drain it will eventually cause a plumbing problem.
- Never put dense, stringy or fibrous waste (which would include things like poultry skins or vegetable and fruit peels) down the drain.
- Run cold water down the drain for 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposal to thoroughly clear out the waste from the line.
These simple measures of precaution will help you keep the plumbing in your kitchen protected and the money in your wallet safe.

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Why Give Us Your Money? 
Metro Plumbing and Drains knows that most proud home owners are always trying to keep their wallets in their pockets when it comes to simple plumbing fixes. So we decided to explain to you why it is substantially more effective to call one of our plumbers. As we all know all jobs require a certain level of experience, skill and knowledge to complete a given task, plumbing is no exception. Let’s say your toilet got clogged, you decide to save some money and not call a professional plumber. As predicted in most case scenario’s your attempt to be a plumber will be unsuccessful and you will still have to call a professional plumber. But now you did not only spend your money but also your time, energy and your self-confidence. The conclusion is simple either you get a headache and then call a plumber or you simply call a plumber and relax.

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Our Dedication to You. 
Here at Metro Plumbing and Drains the main priority for all our Plumbers, Dispatch’s and Managers is to provide the maximum customer satisfaction possible. Our dedication to you can be felt from the minute the dispatch picks up the phone to the minute our plumber leaves your home. Metro Plumbing and Drains hires only certified plumbers with years of work experience in Canada. Metro Plumbing and Drains is not only dedicated to provide to you the best possible service but also to provide the quickest possible service in many cities around Ontario such as: Toronto, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and many other locations that you can find on our site: www.metroplumbingdrains.com . So next time when you think whom to give your money to for good quality service just give us a call!

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Our First News! 
Hello! Bonjour! Hola!
Hi and welcome everybody to our company blog!
Let us introduce ourselves first. We are a plumbing company Metro Plumbing and Drains operating in a city of Toronto and GTA. Here you will find updates on many interesting things related to plumbing. Not a secret that plumbing service may cost you a pretty penny so you may be interested to know how to prevent some plumbing problems from happening and to save money.
In a case you already have a plumbing issue we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you to choose the best option available in your particular case.

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