Meet the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program! 

Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog.

It has been a long time since we've wrote the last post and here we are to tell you some AWESOME news!

Today's great news is: City Authority of Toronto introduces the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program!

Wondering what it is about and what is the whole idea of the Basement Flooding Protection? Not a problem, it is our pleasure to explain you everything!

Has anybody ever heard anything about the Basement Flooding?... No kidding!))) Of course all of us know and somebody even has struggled from this disaster. Why are we asking you? Well, the point is that from now on this problem is not so scary anymore, because we've received a powerful helper in solving this issue - our authority. The City is paying 80% of the invoiced cost!!! Sounds good, right? Please take a look at this program in more detail. (Click Here to Read about Program.)

Let us think about what we are struggling from when our basement is flooded. According to the article at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation site flooding brings following impacts:

1.Your house is constantly wet - it is the reason of respiratory problems.

2.Long-term damage of your house without insurance protection.

3.The value of your property is constantly going down because of the frequent flooding.

That is why all of us must say STOP flooding!

And now we are happy to inform you that there is one easy and cost-effective way to stop flooding! In most of the cases it includes just back-water valve and sump pump installation. So please if you still have doubts or questions - do not hesitate to call us any time and our team will do their best to protect your home from basement flooding. And don't forget, you are paying just 20% of the price - the rest is the responsibility of the City.

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