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What will indicate that your water pipes are frozen? A cold winter night can often be followed by a morning when you discover that there is no water running through your taps. This will be considered as a clear indication that you water pipes are frozen. When this happens, the next possible concern will be that the water will expand and freeze to the point where your pipe will start creating cracks, running the risk of breaking your pipe system entirely. This requires immediate attention by getting your pipes professionally thawed.

Why hire a professional for frozen pipes thawing?
When your pipes freeze, both PVC and copper can cause lots of damage to your property. The danger is that frozen pipes will burst, which will cause the water to leak inside your floors and walls essentially causing widespread property damage. A crack of just 3 millimeters can spew out around 250 gallons or more of water in just 24 hours!

Metro Plumbing and Drains specializes at thawing frozen pipes. Our experts will first identify which parts of the pipes are frozen and only then will go about devising a safe method to thaw them. Our methods have been perfected over the years of experience, guaranteeing 100% efficiency and quality.

Why Hire Us for Pipe thawing?

Best in Business: Many successful thawing jobs and a long list of happy customers are our number one pride and verification that our company provides the best service in this field. Our team of professional plumbers are always updated with the latest techniques allowing them to tackle almost every type of thawing required.

The latest equipment: Metro Plumbing and Drains invests in the best quality machines and equipment making our thawing process provides the best results possible. Our non-invasive techniques ensure that there is no damage, and the process is prompt and cost effective.

Innovative procedures: Every thawing process needs to be approached in a slightly different manner. Unlike other plumbing services, we tend to devise our plan of action based on the extent of ice which has built up in your water pipes. Frozen pipe thawing is usually a time-consuming process but our techniques ensure that everything is up and running in no time!

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