These are client reviews and evaluations for our plumbing services in Atlanta and the metropolitan area.

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What is your opinion of Metroplumbingdrains plumbing services?

One of our company’s offices was flooded. The basement and part of the ground floor suffered serious water damage.  We called Metroplumbingdrains and within a few hours they were working on repairing the water damage. I thank them on behalf of all our employees who are able to work in a normal environment again.

Laura Kovalsky / Main Regional Office Atlanta

Sewer system on my house was in desperate need of replacement. Built over 50 years ago, the problems were mounting one after another. Finally, it became unbearable. The guys from Metroplumbindrains excavated the old sewer pipes, replaced them with new pex pipes and now everything works (and smells) great.

Ron Bradley / Marietta

We had a huge problem with polybutylene pipes. They were installed on our property in the mid 90’s. The problems with our plumbing and sewer system started the first year. We sought out an experienced plumber. Metroplumbingdrains honestly made us aware of the problem with the PBT pipes. Together we came to the solution: a full replacement of the pipes in the property. Everything was done very professionally and with precision. And our troubles with burst pipes are now history.

Anders / Atlanta City

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Prodanov and his brilliant wife. I had a not very complicated plumbing problem. However, it turned out that in addition to plumbing repairs, their company also does Remodeling, Restoration and Interior Design. Thanks to them, I have a brand new, sparkling kitchen and a lovely bathroom that the whole family enjoys.

Gordon J. / Atlanta Metro area

As a result of years of grease and all sorts of other buildup and sediments, the main sewer pipe in our restaurant got clogged. We needed an experienced plumber urgently because all work stopped. We called Metroplumbingdrains. They came right away and by the start of the restaurant’s evening rush hour, they fixed the problem. I highly recommend them!

Anthony Bertone / Restaurant Owner / Atlanta

For many years, Metroplumbingdrains has been our partner. They are a regular subcontractor for our projects. We are a real estate agency. We employ their plumbers for new construction as well as plumbing maintenance on existing structures. Their work has always been correct and flawless.


Barry Crawford / Real Estate Agency/ Atlanta & Metropolitan area