Atlanta Sewer Pump and Sump Pump Services

Atlanta Sewer pump and sump pump

Purpose of sewer pump (and differences with sump pump)

The sewer pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewer line to allow liquids and solids from the sewage to be pumped and moved smoothly into the system itself, or into the septic tank. In comparison, a sump pump cannot pump solid wastes (read below).  
The motor creates centrifugal force, which in turn creates pressure that draws the water into the pump and discharges it into the discharge pipe.
The sewer pump removes both water and waste. Occasionally, the pump becomes clogged by solids, and therefore, regular maintenance is required.

Purpose of Sump Pump

The sole purpose of the sump pumps is to ensure that the property’s basement will not flood or retain water at any point. Water that collects in the basement is directed to the sump pump, which pumps it to a safe location outside the property.

The sump pump is traditionally located underground and can incorporate several different pumps to provide different levels of flood protection.

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Sewer and Sump pumps are necessary devices for every home and commercial establishment. We provide 24/7 repair, installation and maintenance.

Comparison between sewer pump and sump pump

As opposed to sewage pump, sump pump is only intended to handle water infiltration into the basement. 
It is not intended to be used for pumping anything else, and it cannot safely control or remove solids from the basement.

Do you need a sump pump?

If you have basement, you will need sump pump. 
Sump pumps are most effective against water damage and flooding in basements. 
It can also be used in conjunction with an appropriate waterproofing solution. 
The cost of installing and maintaining sump pump is much lower than the cost of flood damage repairs.

What services we offer?

    • Sewer pump repair

Our plumbers will inspect and test your sewage pump and if they find a fault, they will offer you an affordable solution.

    • Sewer pump replacement

You will need replacement sewage pump if it turns out that the damage is beyond repair. If you prefer, we can order the new unit and install it for you.

    • Sewer Pump Installation

Installation of a sewer pump purchased by you or ordered and delivered by us.

    • Sewage pump maintenance

Maintenance of the sewage pump in your property, ensuring its maximum efficiency and longevity.

    • Sump pump replacement

Replacement of your old, inefficient, or irreparably damaged sump pump. It can be purchased to your order or, if you wish, we will take care of the order and delivery.

    • Sump pump repair

If our inspection and functional tests indicate that the sump pump you own can be repaired, we will accomplish that repair, restoring it to maximum efficiency.

    • Sump Pump Installation

The team at Metroplumbingdrains performs sump pump installations for the Atlanta and Metro Area. This may be a sump pump ordered by you. Or if you prefer, we will order and deliver the unit to your property.

    • Sump Pump Maintenance

Our experienced and certified plumbers provide sump pump (or pumps) maintenance.  This includes regular inspections and conducting tests aimed at ensuring the unit’s maximum efficiency and long life.

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