All Truth About FLOODING in Your Basement 

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Today we will be talking about wet basements.
The question is: Whether or not this problem is worth your time?

With many years of plumbing experience under our belts, we can see the issue from another prospective, and have many examples of it:

Case 1- Often times we receive calls early in the morning, and they all have a similar plot-Please help! I can't understand what happened, but there seems to be the river in my basement. It flows everywhere, and smells very bad. Please help me as soon as possible!

Case 2- It was raining all day, and in the evening we receive an emergency call - Can you come now, for some reason my basement is all wet!

Case 3- Another common occurrence in our call centre is: Can you please come and dry my basement? I have tried to do it either by myself or with other guys, but did not receive any results.

Let us explain what can happen with your home when it has a wet basement.

  1. 1. If you wish to sell your home, with a wet basement you are out of luck. As we know people do not like losing money. So, when they decide to buy a property the idea of having to spend more money for the fix is repelling. Also if you do get your home basement waterproofed it will attract more buyers.

  2. 2. In order for you and your family to have a safe home there must not be any mold. If you do not face the problem of waterproofing your basement, you risk getting mold in your basement. This mold will be invisible, and will be slowly killing you and your family. Then, after you find the mold it will take you years to get it out of your house. So, would it not just be easier to protect your home from the start and onwards?

  3. 3. The last point is minor but VERY annoying. THE SMELL! The smell of a wet basement is like the smell of the city draining system on a maintenance day, DISGUSTING!

Unfortunately, most homes will get wet basements if they are not maintained properly. This is why we post these articles on our blog. We want to inform you of a potential problem before it happens, and let the professionals deal with it.

Trust your home with Metro Plumbing and Drains to guarantee a safe and comfortable environment for yourself and
your family.

Please do yourself a favor and do not wait until it is too late.

If you have any further questions feel free to call us at (416)-457-8696.

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Meet the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program! 

Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog.

It has been a long time since we've wrote the last post and here we are to tell you some AWESOME news!

Today's great news is: City Authority of Toronto introduces the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program!

Wondering what it is about and what is the whole idea of the Basement Flooding Protection? Not a problem, it is our pleasure to explain you everything!

Has anybody ever heard anything about the Basement Flooding?... No kidding!))) Of course all of us know and somebody even has struggled from this disaster. Why are we asking you? Well, the point is that from now on this problem is not so scary anymore, because we've received a powerful helper in solving this issue - our authority. The City is paying 80% of the invoiced cost!!! Sounds good, right? Please take a look at this program in more detail. (Click Here to Read about Program.)

Let us think about what we are struggling from when our basement is flooded. According to the article at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation site flooding brings following impacts:

1.Your house is constantly wet - it is the reason of respiratory problems.

2.Long-term damage of your house without insurance protection.

3.The value of your property is constantly going down because of the frequent flooding.

That is why all of us must say STOP flooding!

And now we are happy to inform you that there is one easy and cost-effective way to stop flooding! In most of the cases it includes just back-water valve and sump pump installation. So please if you still have doubts or questions - do not hesitate to call us any time and our team will do their best to protect your home from basement flooding. And don't forget, you are paying just 20% of the price - the rest is the responsibility of the City.

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Save Your Plumbing and Your Money 
Metro Plumbing and Drains wants you to keep your money safe in your pocket. So our team of professional plumbers came up with many different tips on how to avoid simple clogged drains. Metro Plumbing and Drains strongly insists that you follow the instructions below to keep both your home and money safe.

Shower and Bathroom Sink Drains
The main enemy of your shower drain is hair and soup. Both these materials can get into the drain and stay there causing a clog. To avoid this happening install a strainer and clean it after every shower you take. However if you do notice that your drain is clogged don’t go out and buy drain cleaner because it will make a bad problem worse. We suggest that you call one of our Metro Plumbing plumbers who will get the job done quickly and affordably.

Toilet Drains
The main reason for toilet clogs is the presents of foreign objects in the toilet. These include paper towel, cotton balls, paper, fabric and other items that are believed to be flushable. If an overflow occurs, shut off the water and call Metro Plumbing and Drains. From there our plumbers will do the rest.

Kitchen Sinks
The most common reason for the clogging of the kitchen sink is cooking oil and food parts that end up in the drain. To prevent food particles and jewelry from falling down the drain get a strainer. When it comes to cooking oil you should put it in a separate bag and throw it out. The kitchen drain can be the biggest plumbing issue so we strongly suggest that you call Metro Plumbing and Drains before it’s too late.

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Keeping Your Pipes Warm  
Metro Plumbing and Drains is prioritized to keep your homes plumbing safe. In this post we will teach you simple tips and tricks to keep you homes pipes from bursting in the middle of Christmas season. The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing knows those pipe bursts can be a hassle. So we highly insist that you follow the instructions bellow to keep your home safe and dry.
- A valve
Most home owners believe that pipe bursts occur when water freezes inside the plumbing systems and does not allow water to pass. However, our professional plumbers can reassure you that pipes burst because of the pressure that grows when the pipe is blocked with a solid object. So if you call one of our plumbers they would be happy to insert a valve for you to let the pressure out and avoid the problem.
- Insulate Pipes
The group of professional plumbers working at Metro Plumbing and Drains are warning you that keeping you pipes bare will lead to instant freezing on a good Canadian snow fall. Insulating these pipes is easy and is a job that can be done on your own. However we recommend that you hire a professional plumber who will get the job done in no time at all.
- Leave a drip
Many house owners who have a desire to save money might not agree on this tip. However, all our plumbers here at Metro Plumbing consider that leaving the water to drip a bit is a good idea. The reason behind this is that an open tap lets out air pressure which in return keeps the pipes from bursting.
- Plug the gaps
It is not uncommon to have wires and electric boxes running through pipes. This makes the pipes more vulnerable to ice and pressure. Make sure that your homes plumbing is safe, fill the gaps with insulation foam.

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Issues with Your Sump Pump 
The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing and Drains cares that your homes plumbing systems are always running correctly and are doing their assigned tasks. This post will be dedicated to the Sump Pump System. The objective of this system is to pump all the drain, rain and soil water out of your homes basement. The team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing and Drains has noticed that many customers in Toronto that resident in old homes do not know what a Sump Pump is. This poses a hazard if the Sump Pump turns off and a home owner does not know what or where the problem is. As a result they will end up with a flooded basement and a big repair bill. However if you check your Sump Pump at least once a month to see if it’s working you are safe from an expensive flood.
If your sump pump is starting and stopping over and over again, it is most likely due to a few problems:

- The pressure switch may need to be replaced
- The expansion tank may have no air inside
- There may be a blockage of the opening of the impeller pump

If you notice any of the previously mentioned problems you should immediately call a plumber who will inspect the sump pump and save your basement and your money.

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