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Drain cleaning: What is it?

Drain cleaning is the procedure used to clear blockages and debris from drainage system so that it may operate and flow properly.

In drains, a variety of pollutants may accumulate up over time, causing backups. These pollutants may include grease, mineral accumulation, hair, soap scum, food, etc.

Techniques for unclogging drains

Depending on the kind of drain and the seriousness of the blockage, there are numerous techniques to clean it. Plungers and drain snakes are useful for unclogging minor blockages in sinks and toilets. For more significant blockages in bigger drains, it may necessitate the use of specialist tools and appliances like sewer and drain cameras, and hydro-jetting.

What damage can a blocked drain do?

Blocked drains that are left untreated may harm your plumbing system, your home, and your health in a number of ways. Here are a few potential effects of not clearing a blocked drain:

  • Water Damage

Your home’s flooring, walls, and other places can experience water damage if your drain gets clogged and water starts pooling and coming out. The formation of mould and mildew might result from this, producing health risks.

  • Pipeline harm

Blocks can gradually increase the pressure inside pipes, which can result in water leaks or even ruptured pipes that can be very expensive to fix.

  • Reduced Drainage

The sluggish drainage of water is one of the most evident signs that the drain system is blocked. So be vigilant and pay attention more often to your drainage system, the sounds and signs it makes. The earlier you catch the problem, the less money the repair will cost you.

  • Wellness Dangers

Clogged drains can result in microbial contamination and growth. And this represents a health danger, particularly if your property has standing water.

  • Unpleasant smells

Due to the buildup of organic material that has disintegrated in the drain, blocked drainage systems may release unpleasant odours. For this reason, parts of your property, or even inside the buildings themselves, will smell bad.

  • Invasions of bugs and rodents

Insects, rats, and pests may breed in your property as a result of blocked drainage systems. Their uncontrolled spread can cause further damage to your property and endanger your life and health.

What is the best solution for your drainage system problems?

If you notice your drainage system slowing down or any other problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Metroplumbingdrains drainage specialists are at your disposal 24/7. Including during holidays. These are highly experienced plumbers with a workmanlike attitude and repeatedly confirmed professional qualities.

What can you expect from a professional drainage services company?

  • First step: on-site inspection

Metroplumbingdrains specialists possess professional equipment of the latest generation. These are tools such as a sewer and drain camera, with the use of which the plumber can locate and identify the extent of the problem. Once the problem is detected, a decision is made on how the blockage should be removed. Each stage of the procedure is discussed openly with the customer.

  • Second step: cleaning (unclogging)

The most commonly used techniques for unclogging and cleaning a blocked drain are so-called “snaking” and “jetting”. Sewer and drain jetting is by far the most effective method for more serious blockages. It is a method that uses powerful water jets under pressure to unclog even the most serious drainage blockages.

  • Third step: confirmation and test

After performing the unclogging or cleaning of the drain, the specialist will make sure that the technique has been performed correctly and the problem has been solved. For this purpose, a recheck with the drainage camera can be carried out.  Next, test the drainage system to see if the water is flowing freely again.

The best “cure” for plumbing and drainage problems is called: prevention

The plumbing experts at are proven professionals with over 12 years of experience. After performing the service, they will give you valuable advice on how to avoid similar problems with your drainage system in the future. These are preventative measures that include, for example, using drain strainers. As well as regular cleaning.

The guys at can be relied on. For them, the most important thing is to keep the customer happy. They themselves are proud members of the Atlanta and Atlanta metropolitan area communities. That’s why they put not only skill and professionalism, but also heart into their work when responding to every call.