Albany, Powers Park, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, Warm Springs: 5 great thermal springs destinations near Atlanta, GA

thermal springs near Atlanta

Are there thermal springs near Atlanta and the Metro area?

Are there thermal springs near Atlanta and the surrounding area? Nature in the state of Georgia is truly amazing and worth being shown, appreciated, and protected. In the state and the Atlanta metropolitan area in particular, there are fabulous locations for water tourism and sightseeing. Lovely springs and mineral waters. Everyone’s heart can melt for a following second as he or she sees the azure blue waters flowing across. These kinds of attractions, whether they come in the form of thermal and mineral pools, or hot springs, are seductive. These are mineral springs whose water is used to treat a wide range of ailments. But whether you have one of these ailments or just need a relaxing break to boost your health and “recharge your batteries,” keep an eye on these options.

1. Lifsey Spring

It is a great site to take a dip, even if it isn’t a very well-known vacation spot. Lifsey Spring rises from the loose clay in the low land four miles south of Zebulon. However, a 32 by 98-foot cement pool is encased in the natural area to provide a swimming place. The unmanaged pool has an average surface water temperature of 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly cooler at 78.5 degrees Fahrenheit at the bottom. The pool had been divided into portions for men and women in earlier days. Nowadays, though, anyone of any gender is welcome to visit, take a plunge, and enjoy the stretch. People are allowed to swim at their own risk because the spring is unsupervised. It is preferable to go as a group rather than alone. The best part? Admission to Lifsey Spring is absolutely free!

2. Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort

Unlike our other 4 proposals, the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort is a modern facility where you won’t miss any of the conveniences of the modern world. It’s your quick and easy getaway from Atlanta. This fantastic water resort is minutes from the city.

Georgia’s preferred vacation spot is this full of amenities open to pets resort that is situated inside Stone Mountain Park.  A Natural Waterland-Wonderland! It offers freshly restored bedrooms (2020) with private balconies with views of the lake, the forest, or two big pools. Visit this lovely lakeside port that provides a variety of chances to enjoy time outside, get active, or simply chill out.

  • Swimming Pools. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Summit Skyride. Visitors are transported more than 825 feet above the ground to the top of Stone Mountain by this swift Swiss cable car. Amazing views of the Atlanta skyline, the Appalachian Mountains, and more can be seen from the summit, which is up to 60 miles distant.
  • In addition, the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort offers mountain biking, a poolside bar, an on-site restaurant, the waterside restaurant (which serves American cuisine), and 36 holes of golf. A campfire, a coffee shop, and in-room WiFi are available for guests.

3. Warm Springs | aka F.D. Roosevelt State Park

The Warm Springs, one of Georgia’s most well-known natural thermal springs, is located approximately one hour south of Atlanta. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a former New York governor and US president, made it widely known. It is tucked away among undulating hills. The history of what brought Roosevelt’s name here is really intriguing. The president came in 1924 to meet a friend after suffering paralytic in 1921. When he went swimming in Warm Springs at that time, all of a sudden, his immobilized right leg started to move, and the discomfort subsided. Thousands of people sought relief here during the time that Roosevelt started to promote the use of the therapeutic waters.

Today, the facility serves more as a tourist attraction than a therapeutic facility. Visitors may still hear the water gushing up from the pool’s basin. In order to obtain long-lasting treatment, guests may even dare to touch any troublesome body parts with 88° Fahrenheit mineral-rich spring water. Warm Spring is surely a lovely spot to visit, even if you’re not swimming.

4. Radium Springs

Radium Springs is Georgia’s biggest mineral spring and one of the state’s seven natural wonders. Due to the vivid colour of the water, it was once called Blue Springs. But later in 1925, once radium was found in the water, it was given the new name Radium Springs. The spring is roughly three hours from Atlanta and situated on the southeast surroundings of Albany. Radium Springs’ dark-blue water spews 70,000 gallons of water per minute from an underwater cave.

People formerly thought that the area’s water had the ability to heal many illnesses when it was still in use. Visitors are unable to swim today since the Spring is not currently open for swimming.

Radium may still be detected in the water at Radium Springs, which is consistently 20°C throughout the year. When it was in use, people believed the water had the ability to heal a variety of illnesses. Participants can’t, however, allow to swim today because the spring isn’t open for swimming. Alternatively, there is a vantage point from where one might stand to enjoy the magnificence below.

5. Thundering Spring

Georgia is also home to the magnificent and well-known Thundering Spring. This spring near Molana, Georgia, has thermal water. The weird noises the spring makes are how it gained its name. Compared to other mineral springs in Georgia, Thundering Spring’s water is warmer, which causes it to emit more gas bubbles and make a distinctive sound. In the past, a wooden building was constructed for bathing. Today, though, the building is quite heated and unsafe to swim in. However, Thundering Spring is still open to the public and safe to enter for a variety of activities such as dipping, swimming, playing, etc. People from the surrounding area prefer to spend time here since it has plenty of water.

Other thermal springs near Atlanta

  • Barker Spring
  • Taylor Spring
  • Parkman Spring 
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