Ticking Time Bomb 
Our team of plumbers at Metro Plumbing and Drains are dedicated to keeping your home plumbing systems safe and operable. In this post we will be discussing the time bomb in your laundry room. In other words the old and cheap rubber hoses running from your washing machine to your wall faucets. Home owners believe that changing a hose that is working is a waste of 20 dollars. However, there is a 95 percent chance that the old hoses will burst, and make 20 dollars into 2000 dollars. Metro Plumbing and Drains and our team of plumbers can fix the problem but we strongly insist that you take the first step and change your rubber hoses to Braided Stainless Steel hoses. If you do not take our advice and end up needing the help of our professional plumbers we provide 24/7 emergency service in Toronto and many other cities.

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